Minna Graham Ceramics

Born in NSW Minna grew up roaming a large rural property in the Snowy Mountains,

Born in NSW Minna grew up roaming a large rural property in the Snowy Mountains, immersed in a rich world full of nature and creativity. As a child any artisitc endevour was greatly encouraged which in turn instilled a need to create. To create became a nesecssary part of daily life. Exploring Australia during early adulthood Minna obseved life in the remote and harsh landscapes of the country. Settling in Daylesford, Victoria Minna enrolled in a Diploma of Ceramics at the Unversity of Ballarat in 2009. Upon completion in 2012, Minna was awareded the Brian McLellan Award for Oustanding Achievement. Over the following years, Minna has worked as a studio potter, her work collected by numerous galleries and private collectors. She is a founding memeber and Director of Clayspace -Daylesford and Region Ceramics Collective since 2010, and continued to work in this role until 2018. Minna regulary conducts workshops and classes for all age levels in various institutions and privately. Minna continues to travel and seek out cultures with strong ceramic traditions. Having completed ceramic courses in Japan, Minna has also spent time learning traditional pottery and firing techniques in Myanmar, East Timor, Cambodia, across South East Asia and Europe. In 2014 Minna undertook a further year of study at Federation Universty applying herself to a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics. During the course of the year Minna was awarded the Albert Coates Memorial Award for Excellence, two Scholarships, as well as being inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society for high acheivement in her field. Minna was awarded the Michael Hallam Award for Innovation in Ceramics in early 2018. Exhibiting regularly in both group and solo shows, Minnas work featues in galleries and retail stores across Australia as well as international online stores, catalogues, publications and collections. Minna continues to work from her Daylesford studio where her work follows the seasons and nature is still her greatest influence. Minnas sensitvity to her surroundings is embodied in her work. Subtle changes in the seaons are percieved and responded to in every aspect of her arts practice.